Interested in being on the team? Feel free to contact the captains directly at to express your interests. We’re always excited to meet you, no matter what time of the year! If you would like to contact us with your information to become a potential recruit, please fill out the form below.




All Undergraduate and Graduate students enrolled at MIT are eligible to tryout.


The MIT Cheer season runs from the end of August through April.

Attendance is mandatory at all weekly practices, football and basketball games, and competition/performances in the Spring.

Weekly Practice Schedule (subject to change):
Tuesdays     7-9pm
Thursdays    7-9pm
Sundays      11am-1pm

Team Cheer Camp led by Universal Cheer Association professionals is also mandatory and takes place during a time determined by the team captains with confirmation of availability by team member. Beginning in the 2012-2013 season, there will be one day of Cheer Camp in the Fall semester and one day of Cheer Camp in the Spring semester.


Can I try out if I have never cheered before?

Yes! No prior cheer experience is necessary for tryouts. In fact, some of the best Tech Cheerleaders began their cheer careers here at MIT. A large number of students that try out do not have past experience. All the necessary material for the Formal Tryout will be taught to you.

How much does it cost?

Each member must purchase White Cheer Shoes ($40), a Bodysuit ($20), and Bloomers ($10). However, financial obligations should never be a reason not to join. The Cheer Squad runs a significant amount of fundraising efforts prior to the start of the season to subsidize costs as much as possible for new and returning members. Contact the captains if there are any financial issues and something can always be worked out!

What is the time commitment?

The practice schedule consists of 6 hours of team practice per week. Attendance is also required at home football and basketball games. Academics is very important at MIT, and therefore participation is limited to an average of 9 hours per week, and occasionally there are bonding activities that all members are encouraged to attend to promote community and team morale.

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