Nikki Neibloom, Captain (neibloom)

Year: 2015

Been Cheering Since: Freshman Year

Major: Biological Engineering (20)

Interests: Dance, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Spiderman, not Aquaman, Environmental Science

Favorite MIT Cheer Moment: At practice where we worked on pyramids and Swedish Falls. It was comforting that every time the stunt fell every one was ready to dive under the falling person to protect them. It is nice to know that you and your team are close friends as well as teammates that do not want you to get hurt.

Aviana Polsky, Captain (avianap)

Year: 2014

Been Cheering Since: Junior Year

Major: Brain & Cognitive Sciences (9)

Interests: Gymnastics, dance, writing, action movies, eating, and brains, brains, brains!

Favorite MIT Cheer Moment: Tryouts! After cheer day, my fellow recruits and I had been practicing a lot and our hard work paid off. It felt great to finally dance and cheer as a squad. I’m looking forward to more of that this season!

Tori Finney, Treasurer (dvfinney)

Year: 2016

Been Cheering Since: High School

Major: Biological Engineering (20)

Interests: Cheering, Swimming, Sailing, Dancing, Eating Chocolate Chip Cookies, Running, Working Out, Choir, Orchestra


Kelly Brock (kbrock)

Year: Graduate Student

Been Cheering For: 1 Year at MIT

Major: Computational and Systems Biology, PhD

Interests: Dancing through life, reading, being very loud, and making computers do what I want them to do!

Favorite MIT Cheer Moment: Hitting our stunt group’s first lib, or the end of the semester cheer party, or cheering in the rain with costumes for the Halloween football game. Too many to count!

Josh Santos (jsantos1)

Year: 2014

Been Cheering Since: Junior Year

Major: Chemical-Biological Engineering (10-B)

Interests: Dance, electronic music, flying, DJ’ing, exercise, trying to do science, tattoos, piercings, and other hedonistic activities.

Kianna Jackson (kianna)

Year: 2016

Been Cheering Since: Freshman Year

Major: Chemistry (5)

Interests: Musical Theater, Dance, Cheer, NBA Basketball, Food

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