As natural promoters of MIT’s spirit and unity, we consider alumni to be very important to our campus’ pride and tradition. We thank you for being a part of the MIT Cheer Squad and for your role in fostering school spirit. If you are a previous member of the team and wish to be highlighted here, please contact us so that we may showcase your achievements.


 Spotlight On: Mollie Woodworth, ’06

Mollie graduated with degrees in Biology (7) and Brain & Cognitive Sciences (9) from MIT in 2006 is now a grad student at Harvard University where she researching neuroscience. About two seconds after meeting Mollie in person, you are not likely to be surprised that she is a cheerleader. She is so full of positive energy, it’s not much of a stretch to picture her cheering enthusiastically for her team. I am willing to bet that most people don’t look at Mollie and assume that she is, in fact, an accomplished neuroscientist at a top university—but being predictable has never ranked high on Mollie’s to-do list. (Source)