2013 MIT Cheer competes in the NCA Collegiate National Competition for the first time!
 2012 MIT Cheer travels to Virginia to support Men’s Basketball in the NCAA Division 3 Final Four Championships
 2003-2004 MIT Cheer places 1st & 2nd at 2 Local Cheerleading Competitions.
2002-2003 Maritza Rodriguez (’03) & Susanna Liu (’05) expand the squad to 24 members.
2001-2002 The squad expanded to 16 members and the team began a yearly Cheerleading Camp.
1998 Jennifer Navarro revived the MIT Cheerleading Squad to encourage school spirit.
Mid-80’s – Mid-90’s: Cheerleading squads performed at football and basketball games.
60’s-70’s: Throughout the years, the squad consisted of about 8-10 members.
1963: MIT Cheerleading was founded by Barbara A. Gilchrest, M.D.